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United States and International businesses who manufacture and distribute into a global economy are facing new conditions which challenge not only their reputation and prosperity but threaten their very ability to sustain.

These conditions include new comprehensive ways of viewing your place in the EcoSystem, an emerging consumer population with new views on which products and businesses they will choose to support - - or boycott, and new teeth in regulations such as REACH which have the potential to slam the door on your product distribution capabilities.

Green EcoSystems Group (GESG) provides a proprietary People, Process and Tools approach to address these conditions that is second to none. Pioneers in product environmental compliance, we know that leadership in the executive suite and the field are key to successfully meeting today’s and the future mandates of environmental regulations and, where applicable, the law. With the right combinations of people, process and tools, organizations can succeed in meeting all environmental dictates.


GESG is uniquely equipped to assess, analyze and improve Eco Lifecycle processes required to manage product life cycle stages from the extraction of raw materials from the earth to their ultimate disposal and return, as illustrated below:


What this illustration identifies is that, throughout this Eco Lifecycle, there are opportunities to establish competitive advantage, improve profitability, reduce lifecycle costs and reduce energy consumption. Implementing Eco Lifecycle process improvement programs allows companies to protect and enhace their brands and provide new value to their stakeholders.  Failing to implement these improvements in a timely manner is not just a lost opportunity. In today's business environment, it most likely will result in the loss of market share and even the right to continue selling products.
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Driven by proactive European Union regulatory mindsets, regulations are requiring affirmative registration as a condition for shipping and selling manufactured products.  A current “ticking clock” is represented by REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).  This requires pre-registration by 12-1-08 which earns an 18 month “grace period” during which manufacturers provide rigorous compliance demonstration.  Most companies have not met those pre registration requirements, and will face a requirement to prove compliance in 2009 - - with no grace period.

This REACH regulation alone could bring an exporting manufacturer to its virtual knees, and it is just the tip of a regulatory iceberg which is going to require new attention at the top of your company’s decision pyramid - - no longer “just” an environmental department problem.

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Green EcoSystems Group invites inquiries from academic, regulatory and business entities interested in joint research, development and implementation of 'Green' business process models and technologies. For more information, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Green EcoSystems Group, (GESG) offers specialized technology and consulting resources with the capability to help companies:
·           Assess, analyze and improve on all Energy, Toxicity
and Waste aspects of the Eco Lifecycle
·           Identify and integrate all the solutions needed to
          anticipate and ensure compliance across the 
          Eco Lifecycle

With their unique capabilities, GESG can work with clients to identify Eco lifecycle gaps they must contend with and Eco opportunities that they can take advantage of.

The positive impact on clients is the ability to move up the organizational hierarchy of needs, progressing from

  • Survival and sustainability, to
  • Profitability and prosperity, and finally to
  • Competitive advantage and enhanced brand equity